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a serving plate of beef bhuna

beef bhuna

This recipe for bhuna gorur mangsho produces a dish that is rich and intense. Beef bhuna cooks in its own juices, giving the dish a deep flavour.

a jar of tamarind water with a spoon

tamarind water

Tamarind water is an extract of tamarind that has been soaked in warm water. It is a tangy preparation used to give a sour flavour to dishes.

a serving bowl of lamb saag

lamb saag

This Hyderabadi dish of lamb, cooked with leafy green vegetables, or saag gosht, is a restaurant and home-cooked favourite. Spiced lamb, covered with clinging greens, lamb saag could be cooked with almost any leafy vegetable.

a serving dish of sweet lemon pickle

sweet lemon pickle

Khatta meetha nimbu ka achaar is a hot, sour and sweet lemon pickle, typical of pickles from Rajasthan.

a whole slow-roasted duck recheado

slow roasted duck

Slow roasted duck, moist, with crisp skin and a chilli hit. This is a recipe for duck recheado, orĀ pato recheado. The recipe comes from Goa, and owes its heritage to the Portuguese.

a serving bowl of chicken xacuti

chicken xacuti

xacuti is a unique dish from Goa. It is made with sesame seeds, poppy seeds and a lot of Kashmiri chillies. It is hot, fiery and delicious.

Two pieces of mackerel, stuffed with recheado paste, in frypan

Goan fried fish

Fried hot and spicy mackerel. This simple Goan fried fish is the traditional bangda recheado.

a bowl of vegetable sambar

vegetable sambar

Sambar is a dish from the tradition of lentil-based vegetable soups from southern India. This is our family recipe for a simple vegetable sambar, or sabzi sambar.

leg of lamb, lucknow style, shank in, on serving platter

Lucknow leg of lamb

Sikandari raan is a slow roasted leg of lamb. It has a delicate taste that enhances the flavour of the meat and is very visually appealing. A special occasion dish from Lucknow.

a glass of masala lemonade

masala lemonade

Nimbu pani is the famous, enormously refreshing lemonade from North India and Pakistan.

a bowl of fruit chaat

fruit chaat

Fruit chaat, or phala chaat, is a mix of fruits, tossed with potatoes and chaat masala.

a bowl of beef with tamarind and ginger curry

beef curry with tamarind and ginger

Our favourite beef curry. It is a thick, rich and hot dish, with the sourness of the tamarind offset by the sweetness of the ginger.