We are not nutritionists.

If you are diabetic, on a salt-restricted diet or are managing cholesterol levels then please exercise your judgement before using these recipes. In most cases, the recipes in this book adopt a reasonably healthy approach but have not been designed for managed diets.

diets and allergies

The recipes tagged as being gluten-free are free of any products with gluten in their composition. However, I am surprised to see wheat-based additives or adulteration in many commercially available ingredients.

You are advised to carefully examine the ingredients of any purchased product. Further, as many of the items you may buy will be imported, they may come from places with different duties of disclosure on dietary data.

If there is any doubt, we tend to reject the item.

Gluten intolerance is one of many allergies related to food. You should be aware that even microscopic amounts of allergens can cause anaphylactic reactions in the people you cook for. Nuts, shellfish, dairy products and mushrooms are well-known problems for some. Read these recipes carefully to ensure you do not include ingredients that may put your guests in hospital, or worse.

The recipes tagged as vegetarian do not include meat or fish, but they may include dairy products, possibly yoghurt or ghee. You are advised to examine the ingredients to satisfy yourself that it meets the dietary needs. Be aware that commercially sourced paneer may include rennet, an animal-based ingredient, to help with preservation. Whilst unlikely, you must examine the product information.

Those recipes that are tagged as vegan are vegetarian recipes that do not include any dairy products. Again, be aware that commercially sourced ingredients may be contaminated with animal products, and again, you must examine the product information.


The nutrition values are derived from public resources and use calculations adding the known dietary values of the ingredients. They are as accurate as we can make them with this methodology, but errors are possible. Further, given the dishes have not been formally tested for nutrition, you should use the stated values as guidance only.

The nutrition values are based upon a 2000kCal diet.

This cookbook has very few recipes that need processed or packaged ingredients. In almost every case we have a homemade alternative. In fact, we recommend the homemade version and offer the commercial product as a time saver.