pfeiffer family: the indian cookbook

Recipes from the days of the Raj

a montage of old Indian cookbooks

the cookbook

Our family Indian cookbook contains carefully curated recipes from my grandmother’s cookbooks and notebooks. From my family’s time in India, this collection of recipes features traditional and Anglo-Indian dishes from the days of the Raj.

three barbecued lamb cutlets on a bed of kachumber

the recipes

There is something here for everyone, even if you think you do not like Indian food. The recipes come from the home-cooked tradition of Indian cuisine and many have likely never been seen in a restaurant.

a spice tin filled with ground and whole spices

the ingredients

There are few truly exotic ingredients used in this book. You should be able to get everything you need from a good supermarket or respectable specialist Indian grocer.

a simple vegetarian thali - bowls of rice, dal, vegetable curry and accompaniments on a serving platter

the menus

Putting together a meal requires some balance, and you need to consider the palates of your guests or family. Not everything goes with everything, unfortunately. The menu combinations here are typical of what we prepare at home.

closeup of carrom game

the articles

We discuss each recipe and describe something of its heritage. There are entries about stockists and some cooking tips.

indian railway dining car - ca 1930

the essays

Longer articles on regional cuisine, the history of invaders and traders and their effects, and a look at some of the cultural and religious heritage and their influence upon the cuisines of India.