a bowl of mulligatawny soup


Mulligatawny is a lightly spiced, filling soup. A feature of Raj cuisine, with influences from both the British and the Indian cuisines. This is a typical Indian dish, prepared to suit the tastes of the British colonists.

a bowl of tomato shorba

tomato soup

Warm up a winter evening with a bowl of freshly made tamatar ka shorba, a spicy and flavoursome tomato soup from the Mughal cuisine.

a bowl of tomato and lentil rasam

tomato, lentil and tamarind rasam soup

Rasam is thin lentil soup with tamarind and chopped tomatoes, a traditional spice powder, and a simple seasoning of tempered oil with mustard seeds and curry leaves

a bowl of vegetable sambar

vegetable sambar

Sambar is a dish from the tradition of lentil-based vegetable soups from southern India. This is our family recipe for a simple vegetable sambar, or sabzi sambar.