a serving bowl of dal with an omelette chopped into it

dal with egg

A simple dal, dal omeletter is a yellow dal with pickled chillies and a sliced omelette stirred through. Wholesome, flavourful everyday food.

a serving of egg chaat

egg chaat

Take some boiled eggs, onion, tomato and a few spices and you have anda chaat, another great street food from Delhi.

egg and coconut milk curry

Keralan egg curry

A simple coconut masala with halved eggs. Mootay moli is the Keralan egg curry – so easy, simple, wholesome and bursting with flavour.

a bowl, with Parsi scrambled eggs and a roti

Parsi scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs done the Parsi way. Akoori can be served at breakfast, as a snack, for lunch, or for a light evening meal.

a serving plate of nargisi kofta curry

nargisi kofta curry

Nargisi kofta is an Awadhi dish, featuring boiled eggs covered in spiced lamb and served in a spicy yoghurt and tomato sauce.