a plate of Bengali fried rice

Bengali fried rice

This rice dish is typically Bengali. Called ghee bhaat, it is sometimes referred to as Bengali vegetable pulao. It is a simple, wholesome rice and vegetable dish, suitable to accompany almost any lentil or vegetable dish in this book.

a small serve of Parsi brown rice

Parsi brown rice

This brown rice is actually white rice with caramelised jaggery and onions. Lightly golden in colour, vagharela chawal is mildly sweet and fragrant from the whole spices, this is a step up from plain rice.

a bowl of vegetable pulao

vegetable pulao

Our family vegetable pulao recipe. Typical of the Hyderabadi cuisine, subzi pulao is a one-pot rice dish deserving of centre stage at a family gathering.

a serving bowl of green pea pulao

green pea pulao

Simple and delicious matar pulao is rice simmered in stock, with bursts of flavour from the fresh green peas.

a serving plate of mushroom pulao

mushroom and mint pulao

A delicate and mildly spiced pulao from Jodhpur. Kukurmutta pulao has mint and mushrooms highlighted by the gentle spices. A very elegant dish.

a bowl of kashmiri pulao

Kashmiri pulao

Kashmiri pulao is a slightly sweet, saffron infused rice dish, with great texture, aroma and appearance. Ideal accompaniment to delicate north Indian vegetarian dishes.

a serving of kedgeree - rice with fish and egg


Kedgeree is another Raj specialty, appropriated and modified from traditional Indian fare. It is considered a breakfast dish. Buttery rice, with fish and eggs, and a hit of chilli. Great way to start the day.

a bowl of sambar on a serving platter with idli

rice cakes

These savoury rice cakes, idli, are served at breakfast, as a snack, or in place of rice for a lighter meal.

a platter of lamb biryani, Lucknow style

lamb biryani

This lamb dish, lucknavi biryani is a great example of the Awadhi cuisine from Lucknow. It has wonderfully complex flavours, and is a work of art when presented well.

a bowl of Rajastani chicken biryani

chicken biryani

This chicken biryani, or murgh biryani is delicately scented with rosewater and cardamom, with hot and spicy chicken pieces.