a serving plate of beef bhuna

beef bhuna

This recipe for bhuna gorur mangsho produces a dish that is rich and intense in character from the caramelisation of the onions and the frying of the spices. The meat cooks in its own juices, giving the dish a deep flavour.

serving dish of goan beef steak, potato, tomato and onion

Goan steak and potato

This is the Goan version of “meat and three veg”, and is clearly a dish from their Portuguese heritage. In fact, it is most commonly called by its Portuguese name of Bife de Goa. It has everything that the Portuguese loved and inspired in Goan cuisine, namely chilli, garlic and vinegar.

a bowl of beef with tamarind and ginger curry

beef with tamarind and ginger

Our favourite beef recipe. It is a thick, rich and hot dish, with the sourness of the tamarind offset by the sweetness of the ginger.

a bowl of butter chicken with rice

butter chicken

This is the classic mughal butter chicken. Murgh makhani is not a curry like restaurants serve, but is pieces of grilled or baked chicken coated in a sauce.

a bowl of dum pukht chicken

claypot chicken

Chicken, marinated overnight, then baked in a sealed pot. A favourite of the Raj, claypot chicken, or murgh dum pukht is a great entertaining dish because everything is done the night before.

serving dish of chettinad pepper chicken

pepper chicken

Chettinad chicken, or milagu kozhi varuval, gets its heat largely from the black pepper, and has a quite different flavour to dishes that predominantly use chilli for the heat. This is typical of dishes from this region.

a whole roast chicken

roast chicken

This whole roast chicken, murgh musallam, is very popular in the north and north-eastern parts of India. Another great example of Mughal cuisine, it is mildly spiced, with a thick and rich sauce based on yoghurt and tomato.

pieces of tandoori chicken

tanduri chicken

The classic North Indian dish. From Persia, it is not hot, but has a gentle and subtle spice background. Part of the flavour comes from the slightly charred outside of the chicken.

a serving bowl of chicken xacuti

chicken xacuti

This dish, shakuti, is a unique preparation from Goa. It is made with sesame seeds, poppy seeds and a lot of Kashmiri chillies. It is hot, fiery and delicious.

a whole slow-roasted duck recheado

slow roasted duck

Slow roasted moist duck, with crisp skin and a chilli hit. This is a recipe for duck recheado, orĀ pato recheado. The recipe comes from Goa, and owes its heritage to the Portuguese.