a small platter of crab, mango and coconut salad

crab, mango and coconut salad

This is a typical Mumbai salad, featuring fresh coconut, mango, lime and crab. Serve andeguru kosumalli to accompany a Bollywood movie.

A bowl of goan fish curry

Goan fish curry

A hot and tangy fish curry from Goa. Just-cooked fish in a spicy coconut masala makes this xiti codi a great favourite.

fish in coconut milk being cooked in a kadai

Keralan fish curry

Meen moli is a wonderful Keralan fish curry. It is cooked quickly with chunks of fish in a hot coconut milk masala.

Two pieces of mackerel, stuffed with recheado paste, in frypan

Goan fried mackerel

Fried hot and spicy mackerel. This simple fried fish is the traditional bangda recheado from Goa.

a bowl of mussels, cooked in recheado masala, with a portuguese dinner roll

mussels recheado

A slightly hot Portuguese-inspired mussel dish from Goa. Xinaneao recheado can be served as a starter, a snack, or even a main meal.

a plate of bengali prawns with a side dish of rice

prawns with mustard and coconut

This popular and traditional Bengali dish, chingri macher, features a distinct mustard taste that works well with the coconut and the sweetness of the prawns.

malabari prawns

prawns in tomato and tamarind

A good prawn curry is hard to resist and this Malabar prawn curry is a good one. Hot and tangy, malabari jinghri masala highlights the flavour of the prawns.