a portuguese layer cake, with a single serve in forground

Goan layer cake

This layer cake from Goa, bebinca, is a splendid example of the Portuguese bakers’ legacy.

christmas cake, Raj style, with nuts topping

Raj christmas cake

Christmas was a big deal during the days of the Raj, This christmas cake recipe is from then and is surprisingly gluten-free. Dried tropical fruit, almond meal and coconut flour create a wonderful fruit cake, suitable for today.

a baking tray of Indian pav, or bread rolls

dinner rolls

These bread rolls, pão, come from the Portuguese influence on Indian cuisine. They are very similar to Western bread rolls, but have a subtle Indian twist.

a piece of Goan prawn cake

Goan prawn cake

This Goan dish, apa de camarao, has a wonderful taste combination – a hot, savoury and slightly sweet filling of prawn, baked inside a sweet coconut cake.