Portuguese colonial church set in tropical Goan landscape

the cuisine of Goa

Goan cuisine is typically hot and tangy. It is influenced by its Hindu origins, the Mughlai rule that followed and then four hundred years of Portuguese presence.

stovetop in a curry house

how to cook curry house style

In this article we look at the techniques and ingredients used in Indian curry houses. These techniques are substantially different to home cooking.

a serving bowl of cucumber raita

how to cool your palate

Your mouth burns, perspiration breaks out on your scalp, and you must have something to reset your mouth. What should you reach for to cool your palate?

a stack of chapatis

what are naan, roti and dosa?

There are many types of bread, or bread-like dishes in Indian cuisine. Naan and roti are the most commonly recognised. They can be simple, and some can be taken to quite complex levels. This essay looks at some of the popular types, and even offers something for gluten-free cooking.

kitchen in a curry house restaurant

what is curry house cuisine?

There is a world of difference between the cuisine of the Raj, and curry house cuisine. This essay discusses the history of the curry house, and how they have developed today.

four bowls of uncooked dal

what is dal?

Dal, when referred to as an ingredient, is often taken to mean lentils, but really refers to lentils, peas, chickpeas, kidney beans and so on. This essay looks at these ingredients.

a serving bowl of northern style chicken korma

what is korma?

Korma is a dish where meat or vegetables are braised in yogurt, cream or coconut milk. This essay looks at the history of this dish, and the different types that exist today.

a spice tin filled with ground and whole spices

what is a masala dabba?

This article is about the tin that sits beside the stove in every Indian household around the world – the spice tin, or masala dabba.

a bowl of mustard oil

what cooking oil to use

What cooking oils to use, and when. Discusses ghee, mustard, sesame and coconut oils. Also explains why olive oil is not a good choice for the dishes in this cookbook.