a stack of chapatis


The easiest of the Indian breads, chapatis are a simple unleavened flatbread.

a stack of naan on a wooden platter


Leavened bread, cooked on a griddle, in a tandoor or even a barbecue. Naan is one of India’s favourite breads.

a baking tray of Indian pav, or bread rolls

dinner rolls

These bread rolls, pão, come from the Portuguese influence on Indian cuisine. They are very similar to Western bread rolls, but have a subtle Indian twist.

a fried indian flatbread


Puri are a fried bread made with unleavened dough. When served they should be quite light, puffy and about the size of a mango.

corn meal roti

cornmeal roti

The famous Punjabi cornmeal roti, or makki ki roti. These flatbreads roti are made from an unleavened dough made from maize flour and cooked on a griddle.