a platter of lamb biryani, Lucknow style

lamb biryani

This lamb biryani is from Lucknow and demonstrates the Awadhi cuisine. Lucknavi biryani has wonderfully complex flavours and is a work of art when presented well.

three barbecued lamb cutlets on a bed of kachumber

barbecued lamb cutlets

Lamb cutlets, barbecued, using three different marinades. Burra kebabs are from Awadhi cuisine, and are a common street food in Lucknow.

serving dish of lamb with lentil and vegetable


Lamb with lentils and vegetables, or dhansak, has something for everyone – lamb, lentils, pumpkin, eggplant, and a creamy texture with no dairy products.

a serving bowl of lamb dopiaza

lamb dopiaza

A dish rather like a korma but much simpler in its preparation. Dopiazza has more onion than you might expect and has a beautiful texture because of that.

lamb kofta curry on a bed of rice

lamb kofta curry

This kofta curry has spiced lamb meatballs in a tomato and coconut milk sauce. A specialty from Chettinad, kari kola urundai kuzhambu takes some time prepare, but the results are well worth the effort.

leg of lamb, lucknow style, shank in, on serving platter

Lucknow leg of lamb

Lucknavi raan is a slow roasted leg of lamb. It has a delicate taste that enhances the flavour of the meat, and is very visually appealing. A special occasion dish.

serving bowl of first class mutton curry, with rice and papadoms in the background

first class mutton curry

First class mutton curry is the Indian Railways’ take on “meat and three vegs”, served to First Class passengers. A famous recipe from the Raj.

A bowl of rajasthani red lamb curry

Rajasthani red lamb

Laal maas is a smoky, fiery, slow-cooked, hunter-style lamb dish from Rajasthan. Kashmiri chillies give a deep red colour, heat and depth to this dish – and you need a lot of them.

a bowl of lamb rogan josh

rogan josh

A more robust home-cooked version of the restaurant staple, rogan josh. Colourful, aromatic and spicy, this Kashmiri lamb dish is quite special.

a serving bowl of lamb saag

lamb saag

This Hyderabadi dish of lamb, cooked with leafy green vegetables, or saag gosht, is a restaurant and home-cooked favourite. Spiced lamb, covered with clinging greens, lamb saag could be cooked with almost any leafy vegetable.

a serving bowl of royal lamb korma

royal lamb korma

This lamb korma recipe epitomises all that is special about Mughal cuisine. Korma bahadur shahi is mild, with aromatic spices, creamy texture, dried fruit, nuts and the main ingredient highlighted to perfection.

two mughlai lamb shanks in a serving dish

lamb shanks

Rich and luscious lamb shanks, slow-braised in spices and yoghurt. This dish, naili gosht, comes from Lucknow and shows the Mughal influence on Awadhi cuisine .