a serving bowl of chicken xacuti

chicken xacuti

This dish, shakuti, is a unique preparation from Goa. It is made with sesame seeds, poppy seeds and a lot of Kashmiri chillies. It is hot, fiery and delicious.

a bowl of black-eyed pea curry

black-eyed pea curry

Preparations of black-eyed peas are common across all of India. This is the Goan way. It has plenty of chilli and coconut and a touch of tomato. This dish, alsande tonak, is a robust, spicy, hot preparation.

A bowl of goan fish curry

Goan fish curry

A hot and tangy fish curry from Goa. Just-cooked fish in a spicy coconut masala makes this xiti codi a great favourite.

Two pieces of mackerel, stuffed with recheado paste, in frypan

Goan fried mackerel

Fried hot and spicy mackerel. This simple fried fish is the traditional bangda recheado from Goa.

A bowl of rajasthani red lamb curry

Rajasthani red lamb

Laal maas is a smoky, fiery, slow cooked, hunter style lamb dish from Rajasthan. Kashmiri chillies lend a deep colour, heat and depth to this dish – and you need a lot of them.

a jar of recheado masala

recheado masala

This is the taste of Goa. Super hot red recheado masala is used to marinate, coat or stuff into the food you are cooking.

serving bowl of chilli achaar

chilli pickle

This green chilli pickle, hari mirch ka achaar is hot and intensely chilli flavoured. It is cooked largely in the sun, with lemon juice, salt and spices.

a serving of pork vindalu with rice and a glass of lime water


Vindalu is hot and has a complex layer of flavours. First the pork, then the chilli, vinegar and garlic, and then the aromatic spices over that.