A bowl of goan fish curry

Goan fish curry

Goan fish curry is hot and tangy. Just-cooked fish in a spicy coconut masala makes this xiti codi a great favourite.

fish in coconut milk being cooked in a kadai

Keralan fish curry

Meen moli is a wonderful Keralan fish curry. It is cooked quickly with chunks of fish in a hot coconut milk masala.

A serving bowl of chennai fish curry, with some dried red chillies on the side.

Madras fish curry

This Madras fish curry is a family dish from Chennai. Meen kuzhambu gets its flavour from the shallots and tomatoes and features the taste of the just-cooked fish to perfection.

Two pieces of mackerel, stuffed with recheado paste, in frypan

Goan fried fish

Fried hot and spicy mackerel. This simple Goan fried fish is the traditional bangda recheado.

a serving of kedgeree - rice with fish and egg


Kedgeree is another Raj specialty, appropriated and modified from traditional Indian fare. It is considered a breakfast dish. Buttery rice, with fish and eggs, and a hit of chilli. Great way to start the day.

a plate of fish tikka pieces

fish tikka

Maachi tikka is simple fried marinated fish dish. Easy to make and can be prepared overnight then finished just before serving. It is a very Mumbai-style dish.