a cup of masala chai, surrounded by spices

masala chai

Masala chai is a spiced tea, made with black tea, a combination of milk and water and slightly sweetened to make the flavours of the spices stand out.

a stack of chapatis


The easiest of the Indian breads, chapatis are a simple unleavened flatbread.

a serving bowl of yellow dal

yellow dal

A very simple and basic recipe for cooking dal. In this recipe, split pigeon peas are cooked with split red lentils to produce a simple dal. This dal uppu paruppu or dhandar can be used as the basis of other dishes, such as tarka dal, or dal with eggs. It also makes a great side dish. Another comfort food recipe.

a serving bowl of cucumber raita

how to cool your palate

Your mouth burns, perspiration breaks out on your scalp, and you must have something to reset your mouth. What should you reach for to cool your palate?

a mason jar of kheer

rice pudding

Not your common rice pudding. Cardamom and saffron flavour this dish and is not meant to be stodgy. Kheer is one of the most common desserts across all of India.

a serving bowl of dry potato and pea

potato and pea

This sukha aloo matar is a dry vegetable curry, featuring potatoes and fresh peas This is a simple and popular family dish from New Delhi.

a bowl of plain basmati rice

simple basmati rice

How to cook simple, plain basmati rice or chawal. This recipe will give you light, dry and fluffy rice.

a spice tin filled with ground and whole spices

what is a masala dabba?

This article is about the tin that sits beside the stove in every Indian household around the world – the spice tin, or masala dabba.