a bowl of sambar on a serving platter with idli


These savoury rice cakes, idli, are served at breakfast, as a snack, or in place of rice for a lighter meal.

a serving of kedgeree - rice with fish and egg


Kedgeree is another Raj specialty, appropriated and modified from traditional Indian fare. It is considered a breakfast dish. Buttery rice, with fish and eggs, and a hit of chilli. Great way to start the day.

a small serve of Parsi brown rice

Parsi brown rice

Parsi brown rice is actually white rice with caramelised jaggery and onions. Lightly golden in colour, vagharela chawal is mildly sweet and fragrant from the whole spices.

a plate of Bengali fried rice

Bengali fried rice

The traditional and delightful Bengali fried rice. Called ghee bhaat, it is sometimes referred to as Bengali vegetable pulao. It is a simple, wholesome rice and vegetable dish, suitable to accompany almost any lentil or vegetable dish in this book.

a bowl of plain basmati rice

basmati rice

How to cook basmati rice. Known as chawal, it should be light and fluffy. It can accompany almost any Indian dish.