a bowl of kashmiri pulao

Kashmiri pulao

Kashmiri pulao is a slightly sweet, saffron infused rice dish, with great texture, aroma and appearance. Ideal accompaniment to delicate north Indian vegetarian dishes.

a serving plate of mushroom pulao

mushroom and mint pulao

A delicate and mildly spiced pulao from Jodhpur. Kukurmutta pulao has mint and mushrooms highlighted by the gentle spices. A very elegant dish.

a serving bowl of green pea pulao

green pea pulao

Simple and delicious matar pulao is rice simmered in stock, with bursts of flavour from the fresh green peas.

a bowl of vegetable pulao

vegetable pulao

Our family vegetable pulao recipe. Typical of the Hyderabadi cuisine, subzi pulao is a one-pot rice dish deserving of centre stage at a family gathering.