a jar of eggplant pickle

egglant pickle

This eggplant pickle, brinjal ka achaar, is deliciously hot and spicy. Great to serve with dal.

serving bowl of chilli achaar

chilli pickle

This green chilli pickle, hari mirch ka achaar is hot and intensely chilli flavoured. It is cooked largely in the sun, with lemon juice, salt and spices.

green apple pickle

green apple pickle

Seb ka achaar is an uncooked apple pickle It is hot, spicy and intense with a fresh flavour from the apple.

a serving dish of sweet lemon pickle

sweet lemon pickle

Khatta meetha nimbu ka achaar is a hot, sweet and sour lemon pickle, typical of pickles from Rajasthan.

a serving spoon of hot lime pickle

hot lime pickle

With chunky pieces of fruit and robust spices, this tangy lime pickle, nimbu ka achaar, is an ideal accompaniment to everything in this cookbook.

a serving spoon of grated mango pickle

shredded mango pickle

Manga thokku is a grated green mango pickle. It is hot, and very tangy from the sourness of the raw mango.