a bowl of southern chicken korma

chicken korma – andhra style

A hotter and spicier chicken korma than the northern style. Kozhi kurma is from the Andhra region of south India. It features coconut milk rather than dairy products.

a serving bowl of royal lamb korma

royal lamb korma

This lamb korma recipe epitomises all that is special about Mughal cuisine. Korma bahadur shahi is mild, with aromatic spices, creamy texture, dried fruit, nuts and the main ingredient highlighted to perfection.

a serving bowl of mixed vegetable korma

vegetable korma

Vegetable korma is aromatic, flavourful vegetarian dish from the kitchens of the Mughal emperor Akbar. This dish, shahi navratan korma, is an exemplar of Mughlai cuisine.

a serving bowl of northern style chicken korma

what is korma?

Korma is a dish where meat or vegetables are braised in yogurt, cream or coconut milk. This essay looks at the history of this dish, and the different types that exist today.