christmas cake, Raj style, with nuts topping

Raj christmas cake

Christmas was a big deal during the days of the Raj, This christmas cake recipe is from then and is surprisingly gluten-free. Dried tropical fruit, almond meal and coconut flour create a wonderful fruit cake, suitable for today.

a whole slow-roasted duck recheado

slow roasted duck

Slow roasted duck, moist, with crisp skin and a chilli hit. This is a recipe for duck recheado, or pato recheado. The recipe comes from Goa, and owes its heritage to the Portuguese.

a serving of kedgeree - rice with fish and egg


Kedgeree is another Raj specialty, appropriated and modified from traditional Indian fare. It is considered a breakfast dish. Buttery rice, with fish and eggs, and a hit of chilli. Great way to start the day.

serving bowl of first class mutton curry, with rice and papadoms in the background

first class mutton curry

First class mutton curry is the Indian Railways’ take on “meat and three vegs”, served to First Class passengers. A famous recipe from the Raj.

two forks pulling slow-roasted lamb apart

slow-roasted lamb shoulder

The Raj loved meat. They loved big, roasted joints, and this recipe is a good example of how the local cooks changed the British approach to such dishes.

a bowl of mulligatawny soup


Mulligatawny is a lightly spiced, filling soup. A feature of Raj cuisine, with influences from both the British and the Indian cuisines. This is a typical Indian dish, prepared to suit the tastes of the British colonists.

a glass of pink gin and bottles of bitters and gin

pink gin

Pink gin is sharp and heavy, with its alluring colour hinting at its rich, dry taste. The traditional pre-dinner drink for the Raj.