a bowl of butter chicken with rice

butter chicken

This is the classic mughal butter chicken. Murgh makhani is not a curry like restaurants serve, but is pieces of grilled or baked chicken coated in a sauce.

a whole roast chicken

roast chicken

This whole roast chicken, murgh musallam, is very popular in the north and north-eastern parts of India. Another great example of Mughal cuisine, it is mildly spiced, with a thick and rich sauce based on yoghurt and tomato.

pieces of tandoori chicken

tanduri chicken

The classic North Indian dish. From Persia, it is not hot, but has a gentle and subtle spice background. Part of the flavour comes from the slightly charred outside of the chicken.

a serving bowl of lamb dopiaza

lamb dopiaza

A dish rather like a korma but much simpler in its preparation. Dopiazza has more onion than you might expect and consequently has a beautiful smooth texture.

a bowl of lamb rogan josh

rogan josh

A more robust home cooked version of the restaurant staple. Colourful, aromatic and spicy, this Kashmiri lamb dish is quite special.

a serving bowl of royal lamb korma

royal lamb korma

This lamb recipe epitomises all that is special about Mughal cuisine. Korma bahadur shahi is mild, with aromatic spices, creamy texture, dried fruit, nuts and the main ingredient highlighted to perfection.

two mughlai lamb shanks in a serving dish

lamb shanks

Rich and luscious lamb shanks, slow braised in spices and yoghurt. This dish, naili gosht, comes from Lucknow and shows the Mughal influence on Awadhi cuisine .

a serving bowl of mixed vegetable korma

vegetable korma

Vegetable korma is aromatic, flavourful vegetarian dish from the kitchens of the Mughal emperor Akbar. This dish, shahi navratan korma, is an exemplar of Mughlai cuisine.

a serving bowl of mushroom dopiaza

mushroom dopiaza

This dish, khumb dopiaza features mushrooms, quickly cooked, in a masala with tomatoes and a lot of onion. Despite having a Mughlai heritage it is actually a very simple dish.

a bowl of tomato shorba

tomato soup

Warm up a winter evening with a bowl of freshly made tamatar ka shorba, a spicy and flavoursome tomato soup from the Mughal cuisine.