a bowl of green chutney

green chutney

Green chutney, hari chutni, or dhania chutni, is fresh chutney made from coriander and mint. It goes with almost everything.

a platter of corn salad

corn salad

This sweet corn salad, maaki chaat, looks appealing and is healthy, light and full of flavour. The spices and the corn work well together.

serving platter of cucumber and spinach salad with yoghurt dressing

spinach and cucumber salad

A fresh flavoured spinach and cucumber salad where the taste of the baby spinach and cucumber are brought out by the creaminess of the slightly spiced yoghurt.

a bowl of sweet saffron yoghurt


Shrikhand is a sweetened yoghurt with a subtle saffron character.

a plate of fish tikka pieces

fish tikka

Maachi tikka is simple fried marinated fish dish. Easy to make and can be prepared overnight then finished just before serving. It is a very Mumbai-style dish.