a portuguese layer cake, with a single serve in forground

Goan layer cake

This layer cake from Goa, bebinca, is a splendid example of the Portuguese bakers’ legacy.

serving dish of goan beef steak, potato, tomato and onion

Goan steak and potato

This is the Goan version of “meat and three veg”, and is clearly a dish from their Portuguese heritage. In fact, it is most commonly called by its Portuguese name of Bife de Goa. It has everything that the Portuguese loved and inspired in Goan cuisine, namely chilli, garlic and vinegar.

a serving bowl of chicken xacuti

chicken xacuti

xacuti is a unique dish from Goa. It is made with sesame seeds, poppy seeds and a lot of Kashmiri chillies. It is hot, fiery and delicious.

Portuguese colonial church set in tropical Goan landscape

the cuisine of Goa

Goan cuisine is typically hot and tangy. It is influenced by its Hindu origins, the Mughlai rule that followed and then four hundred years of Portuguese presence.

a bowl of black-eyed pea curry

black-eyed pea curry

Recipes for black-eyed pea curry are common across all of India. This is the Goan way. It has plenty of chilli and coconut and a touch of tomato. This dish, alsande tonak, is a robust, spicy, hot preparation.

a whole slow-roasted duck recheado

slow roasted duck

Slow roasted duck, moist, with crisp skin and a chilli hit. This is a recipe for duck recheado, or pato recheado. The recipe comes from Goa, and owes its heritage to the Portuguese.

A bowl of goan fish curry

Goan fish curry

Goan fish curry is hot and tangy. Just-cooked fish in a spicy coconut masala makes this xiti codi a great favourite.

Two pieces of mackerel, stuffed with recheado paste, in frypan

Goan fried fish

Fried hot and spicy mackerel. This simple Goan fried fish is the traditional bangda recheado.

a jar of recheado masala

recheado paste

This is the taste of Goa. Super hot red recheado masala is used to marinate, coat or stuff into the food you are cooking.

a bowl of mussels, cooked in recheado masala, with a portuguese dinner roll

Goan mussels

Goan mussels is a slightly hot Portuguese-inspired dish. Xinaneao recheado can be served as a starter, a snack, or even a main meal.

a baking tray of Indian pav, or bread rolls

dinner rolls

These bread rolls, pão, come from the Portuguese influence on Indian cuisine. They are very similar to Western bread rolls, but have a subtle Indian twist.

a serving of pork vindalu with rice and a glass of lime water


Vindaloo is hot and has complex layers of flavours. First the pork, then the chilli, vinegar and garlic, and then the aromatic spices over that.