christmas cake, Raj style, with nuts topping

Raj christmas cake

Christmas was a big deal during the days of the Raj, This is a recipe from then and is surprisingly gluten-free. Dried tropical fruit, almond meal and coconut flour create a wonderful fruit cake, suitable for today.

three differently coloured capsicums stuffed with paneer

paneer stuffed capsicums

Capsicums filled with a delicately spiced paneer mixture, bharwan simla mirch, are perfect for a vegetable dish on their own, as part of a feast, or as a starter.

a serving bowl of diced carrots and beans with lime

carrots and beans with lime

This is a simple dish of carrots, beans and lifted with lime. Gajar sem ki sabzi is a common Bengali preparation.

a bowl of carrot halwa

carrot halwa

One of the most popular Indian desserts, gajar ka halwa is a rich dessert made from grated carrots, milk, sugar and nuts.

a plate of Gujarati carrot salad

carrot salad

A crunchy Gujarati salad with carrots and black mustard seeds, gajar nu salat is a light, fresh and healthy dish to enjoy as an accompaniment to most main dishes.

a serving dish of roasted cauliflower florets

roasted cauliflower

This recipe for phulkopir roast is a Bengali family recipe and on high rotation in my Grandmother’s cuisine. It is of those simple vegetarian dishes that features the main ingredient.

a serving plate of crisp fried spinach with chaaat dressings

spinach chaat

A dish from the street-vendor tradition of Delhi. Palak chaat is made from crispy fried spinach leaves and chaat dressings.

a cup of masala chai, surrounded by spices

masala chai

Masala chai is a spiced tea, made with black tea, a combination of milk and water and slightly sweetened to make the flavours of the spices stand out.

a bowl of chickpea, tomato and onion salad

chickpea, tomato and onion salad

A street food favourite. Chole chaat can be served on it’s own, as a snack, a nourishing lunch or as a side dish to a more complex meal. The flavour combinations from the chickpeas, tomato and onion, the chaat masala and the chutney and the crunch of the sev make this a quite special dish.

a bowl of butter chicken with rice

butter chicken

This is the classic mughal butter chicken. Murgh makhani is not a curry like restaurants serve, but is pieces of grilled or baked chicken coated in a sauce.

a bowl of dum pukht chicken

claypot chicken

Chicken, marinated overnight, then baked in a sealed pot. A favourite of the Raj, claypot chicken, or murgh dum pukht is a great entertaining dish because everything is done the night before.