a serving plate of beef bhuna

beef bhuna

This recipe for bhuna gorur mangsho produces a dish that is rich and intense in character from the caramelisation of the onions and the frying of the spices. The meat cooks in its own juices, giving the dish a deep flavour.

a platter of onion bhaji

onion bhaji

Onion bhaji are one of the great staters or snacks. The trick to making vengaya bhaji is to ensure there is more onion than batter.

a serving bowl of diced carrots and beans with lime

carrots and beans with lime

This is a simple dish of carrots, beans and lifted with lime. Gajar sem ki sabzi is a common Bengali preparation.

a serving dish of roasted cauliflower florets

roasted cauliflower

This recipe for phulkopir roast is a Bengali family recipe and on high rotation in my Grandmother’s cuisine. It is of those simple vegetarian dishes that features the main ingredient.

serving dish of mango chutney

mango chutney

This Bengali chutney, am ki chutni, is a tangy, and slightly spicy chutney which goes well with any rice or lentil dish.

a serving bowl with Bengali dal

Bengali dal

The Bengali version of tarka dal. Peyaj dal has a slightly sweet taste because of the way the onions are caramelised in jaggery and balances the bite of the chilli.

a plate of white rice with a serving of dal with spinach on top

dal and spinach

Creamy, nutritious, protein-rich, iron and mineral-rich, fibre-rich, this dal and spinach dish, or dal palang is probably the healthiest recipe in this cookbook.

a heap of garam masala

garam masala

Of all the masala mixes that exist in Indian cookery garam masala is the best known. It is usually added to a dish towards the end of the cooking process.

a mound of panch phoran

panch phoran

This mix of fives spices, panch phoran, is the taste of Bengal. It is most commonly used to temper oil for dal and fish dishes.

a serving spoon of hot lime pickle

hot lime pickle

With chunky pieces of lime and robust spices, this tangy pickle, nimbu ka achaar, is an ideal accompaniment to everything in this cookbook.

a serving dish, filled with the dry potato and cauliflower curry

potato and cauliflower

A dry vegetable curry. This recipe for alu gobi is a typical Bengali vegetable dish. It features crispy potato and just-cooked cauliflower.