A serving bowl of paneer and peas

paneer and peas

Paneer and peas, or matar paneer is a popular dish from the Punjab. It highlights the paneer, has a spicy tomato sauce and bursts of flavour from the just-cooked peas.

a bowl of palak paneer

palak paneer

This palak paneer is the classic Punjabi dish of spinach studded with cubes of fried paneer cheese.

a serving dish, filled with the dry potato and cauliflower curry

potato and cauliflower curry

A dry potato and cauliflower curry. This recipe for alu gobi is a typical Bengali vegetable dish. It features crispy potato and just-cooked cauliflower.

A serving bowl of Kashmiri aloo dum

Kashmiri potatoes

Kasmiri aloo dum is a recipe for potatoes in a spicy yoghurt sauce, This is the way Kashmiri potatoes are traditionally done.

a serving bowl of dry potato and pea

potato and pea

This sukha aloo matar is a dry vegetable curry, featuring potatoes and fresh peas This is a simple and popular family dish from New Delhi.

potato , pea and tomato

potato, pea and tomato

Alu matar tamatar might well be the most popular vegetable curry in India. This potato and pea curry with tomatoes goes with just about everything.

a bowl of spinach saag


This is a common Punjabi dish, typically served in winter. This palak ka saag is a lightly spiced puree of spinach.

a serving dish of vegetable kofta curry

vegetable kofta curry

Vegetable kofta balls, in a mild, creamy rich sauce. Malai sabzi kofta is a dish to impress your vegetarian diners.

a bowl of vegetable sambar

vegetable sambar

Sambar is a dish from the tradition of lentil-based vegetable soups from southern India. This is our family recipe for a simple vegetable sambar, or sabzi sambar.