a serving bowl of dal with an omelette chopped into it

dal with egg

A simple dal, dal omeletter is a yellow dal with pickled chillies and a sliced omelette stirred through. Wholesome, flavourful everyday food.

a serving bowl of dal makhani

dal makhani

This dish epitomises the taste and style of the Punjab. A smooth texture, delicate flavour layers and a hint of chilli makes this dish of lentils and red kidney beans a global favourite.

a serving bowl with Bengali dal

Bengali dal

Bengali dal is the local version of tarka dal. This Peyaj dal has a slightly sweet taste because of the way the onions are caramelised in jaggery which balances the bite of the chilli.

a bowl of Hyderabadi mixed dal on a platter with roti

Gujarati mixed dal

This delicious, nourishing dish of mixed dal is a family favourite and is so healthy. Called keoti dal, it is from Gujarat and is quite robustly spiced.

a plate of white rice with a serving of dal with spinach on top

dal and spinach

Creamy, nutritious, protein-rich, iron and mineral-rich, fibre-rich, this dal and spinach dish, or dal palang is probably the healthiest recipe in this cookbook.

a bowl of tarka dal

tarka dal

Lentils, with spiced oil added just before serving are eaten all across India. There are wide regional differences – this one is our family version and is typical of the Rajasthani cuisine.

a serving bowl of yellow dal

yellow dal

A very simple and basic recipe for cooking dal. In this recipe, split pigeon peas are cooked with split red lentils to produce a simple dal. This dal uppu paruppu or dhandar can be used as the basis of other dishes, such as tarka dal, or dal with eggs. It also makes a great side dish. Another comfort food recipe.

a serving dish, filled with the fried eggplant curry

fried eggplant curry

Eggplant curry with fried eggplant in a simple tomato masala, with a hint of tamarind. Kathrikkai kulambu is a vegetarian favourite.

a serving bowl of mixed vegetable korma

vegetable korma

Vegetable korma is aromatic, flavourful vegetarian dish from the kitchens of the Mughal emperor Akbar. This dish, shahi navratan korma, is an exemplar of Mughlai cuisine.

a serving bowl of mushroom dopiaza

mushroom dopiaza

Mushroom dopiaza, or khumb do pyaza features mushrooms, quickly cooked, in a masala with tomatoes and a lot of onion. Despite having a Mughlai heritage it is actually a very simple dish.

a plate of mushroom pepper fry

mushroom pepper fry

This mushroom pepper fry, or, kalan milagu varuval, is a dry stir-fry strongly spiced with black pepper. This dish allows the bold mushroom flavour to stand out.