a mound of beans with coconut

beans with coconut

This fansi poriyal is a simple and delightful South Indian vegetable dish, generally prepared to accompany an everyday meal.

a serving dish, filled with pan-roasted brussel sprouts

pan-roasted brussel sprouts

Crispy outer leaves, and softer, but still crunchy centres, spiced with turmeric, cumin and mustard seeds, hoti bund gobhi sabzi is a wonderful way to prepare Brussel sprouts.

a serving bowl filled with cabbage poriyal

cabbage poriyal

A dry, stir-fried preparation of shredded cabbage, spiced with mustard seeds and curry leaves. Cabbage poriyal, or Muttaikose poriyal, is a great dish from Kerala.

three differently coloured capsicums stuffed with paneer

paneer stuffed capsicums

Spiced paneer stuffed capsicums, bharwan simla mirch, are perfect for a vegetable dish on their own, as part of a feast, or as a starter.

a serving bowl of diced carrots and beans with lime

carrots and beans with lime

This is a simple dish of carrots, beans and lifted with lime. Gajar sem ki sabzi is a common Bengali preparation.

a plate of Gujarati carrot salad

carrot salad

A crunchy Gujarati carrot salad with black mustard seeds, gajar nu salat is a light, fresh and healthy dish to enjoy as an accompaniment to most main dishes.

a pan of cauliflower in pickling spices

cauliflower in pickling spices

Achari Gobhi is a simple and delightful cauliflower dish from Lucknow. The pickling spices are the spices to make pickles, hence the name. Simple to cook and goes with just about anything.

a serving dish of roasted cauliflower florets

roasted cauliflower

Phulkopir roast is a Bengali family recipe for roasted cauliflower and on high rotation in my Grandmother’s kitchen. It is of those simple vegetarian dishes that features the main ingredient.

a bowl of masala chickpeas

masala chickpeas

Dishes of spiced chickpeas can be found across all of India. This is the Punjabi chole, or channa masala, as it is more commonly known..

a platter of corn salad

corn salad

This sweet corn salad, maaki chaat, looks appealing and is healthy, light and full of flavour. The spices and the corn work well together.

a bowl of black-eyed pea curry

black-eyed pea curry

Recipes for black-eyed pea curry are common across all of India. This is the Goan way. It has plenty of chilli and coconut and a touch of tomato. This dish, alsande tonak, is a robust, spicy, hot preparation.