There is something here for everyone, even if you think you do not like Indian food. The dishes range from simple family fare to exotic and complex festive dishes. There are vegetarian dishes, meat, poultry, fish and seafood dishes. There are breakfasts and desserts, drinks and snacks.

There are recipes here that will surprise, as they may not be what you think of as Indian cuisine.

The recipes are organised here by course. From the menu you can view an alphabetic list of the recipes, our favourites and the most viewed recipes.

Just starting out? Try looking at our basic recipes for simple, but inspirational dishes.

  • snacks and starters

    Snacks or starters are often bought from street vendors, but many of these can be easily made at home. These recipes are some of the common, and not so common, dishes used to precede a meal, or as a snack., or even a light meal.
  • soups

    These soups are a traditional part of a family meal or a more elaborate festive celebration.
  • vegetarian

    Indian cuisine is arguably the most sophisticated vegetarian cuisine in the world. These are some of our favourites, and are mostly dishes from southern India.
  • eggs

    There is an egg dish here for everyone and at any time. Egg chaat is not to be missed, nor is akoori, scrambled eggs done the Parsi way.
  • fish and seafood

    Fish and seafood dishes, featuring recipes from the coastal and riverine parts of India.
  • meat and poultry

    Not all Indians are vegetarian, and these are some of our favourite non-vegetarian dishes.
  • rice, pulao and biryani

    Rice dishes, pulao and biryanis. You can never claim to have eaten Indian food until you eaten a proper biryani, and there are several proper biryanis in this section.
  • breads

    There is a great variety of bread served with Indian food. From naan to roti, to bread-similar dishes like idli and dosa, here are some of the most popular ones. Gluten-free? There are recipes here for you, too.
  • salads

    Salads can be simple accompaniments or side dishes, such as kachumber, a simple chopped vegetable salad, or can be sophisticated main courses, often highlighting fresh seafood.
  • accompaniments

    Accompaniments are one of the great parts of Indian cuisine. These are recipes for chutneys and pickles and other small dishes. Fresh, home-made accompaniments are very rewarding and easy to make.
  • desserts

    Some family favourites desserts in here include halwa and kheer. Desserts are often sold by specialist sweet vendors, and reflect generations-old approaches.
  • drinks

    There are some expected recipes, and some unusual recipes in here, all of which deserve at least one try. You should try nimbu pani and chai. Indian coffee is a treat too.
  • baking

    People are often surprised that baking is part of Indian cuisine. The Portuguese and Raj influences inspired some wonderful products. Some family favourites are here.
  • breakfasts

    A breakfast might be some idli with sambar. Or, it might be eggs or even kedgeree, that wonderful innovation of the Raj.