editor’s favourites

What are our favourite recipes?

This list has the recipes that we prepare most often – the family favourites. They are in no particular order.

a bowl of beef with tamarind and ginger curry

beef with tamarind and ginger

Our favourite beef recipe. It is a thick, rich and hot dish, with the sourness of the tamarind offset by the sweetness of the ginger.

christmas cake, Raj style, with nuts topping

Raj christmas cake

Christmas was a big deal during the days of the Raj, This is a recipe from then and is surprisingly gluten-free. Dried tropical fruit, almond meal and coconut flour create a wonderful fruit cake, suitable for today.

a bowl of Hyderabadi mixed dal on a platter with roti

Hyderabadi mixed dal

This delicious, nourishing dish of mixed dal is a family favourite and is so healthy. Called keoti dal, it is from Hyderabad and is quite robustly spiced.

fish in coconut milk being cooked in a kadai

Keralan fish curry

Meen moli is a wonderful, simple fish dish, with chunks of fish cooked in a hot coconut milk masala.

malabari prawns

prawns in tomato and tamarind

A good prawn curry is hard to resist and this is a good prawn curry. Hot and tangy, malabari jinghri masala is from the Malabar coast and highlights the flavour of the prawns.

a serving bowl of northern style chicken korma

chicken korma – northern style

This murgh kurma is the definitive Mughal recipe - a mildly spiced, delicate and elegant dish.

leg of lamb, lucknow style, shank in, on serving platter

Lucknow leg of lamb

Lucknavi raan is a slow roasted lamb leg dish. It has a delicate taste that enhances the flavour of the meat, and is very visually appealing. A special occasion dish.

a serving of pork vindalu with rice and a glass of lime water


Vindalu is hot and has a complex layer of flavours. First the pork, then the chilli, vinegar and garlic, and then the aromatic spices over that.

a platter of lamb biryani, Lucknow style

lamb biryani

This lamb dish, lucknavi biryani is a great example of the Awadhi cuisine from Lucknow. It has wonderfully complex flavours, and is a work of art when presented well.

a stack of chapatis


The easiest of the Indian breads, chapatis are a simple unleavened flatbread.

a bowl of carrot halwa

carrot halwa

One of the most popular Indian desserts, gajar ka halwa is a rich dessert made from grated carrots, milk, sugar and nuts.

four chicken roti rolls on a platter

chicken roti roll

From the street food vendors of Kolkatta comes this spiced chicken, wrapped in an egg soaked flatbread. Kolkatta kebabs are quite possibly the world's best snack.