It may surprise you to learn that India and Australia observe their national day on the same date..

Indians celebrate the nation’s Republic Day, which is a public holiday, on 26 January. It is the day when India’s constitution came into force in 1950, completing the country’s transition to becoming an independent republic.

Australia Day is also observed on that day, and the traditional celebration is to drink a lot of beer and barbecue some lamb. It is the middle of summer and is most likely hot across all the country. Something light makes sense.

This menu has some barbecued lamb cutlets, served with kachumber, a spinach salad, some raita and chapatis. For dessert I suggest fresh fruit. I would also have some Indian lemonade on hand, as it will likely be hot.

The preparation is simple and can be done well in advance. Marinate the cutlets overnight. Prepare the salads and the bread mix in the morning, so all you need to do at meal time is barbecue the lamb and cook the chapatis.

the recipes

  • barbecued lamb cutlets

    Lamb cutlets, barbecued, using three different marinades. Burra kebabs are from Awadhi cuisine, and are a common street food in Lucknow.

  • chapatis

    The easiest of the Indian breads, chapatis are a simple unleavened flatbread.

  • spinach and cucumber salad

    A fresh flavoured salad where the taste of the baby spinach and cucumber are brought out by the creaminess of the slightly spiced yoghurt.

  • tomato, cucumber and onion salad

    Fresh and slightly acidic, kachumber is a chopped salad featuring tomato, cucumber and onion. It is one of the most common accompaniments to an Indian meal.

  • cucumber raita

    The coolness of the cucumber and yoghurt, with a touch of sweetness, makes this kheere ka raita the perfect accompaniment for hot food

  • masala lemonade

    Nimbu pani is the famous traditional and enormously refreshing lemonade from North India and Pakistan.


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