Paneer has a fresh farmer’s cheese quality and a crumbly texture that works wonderfully with spices. It is a great source of protein, packed with vitamins and minerals.

It is not a fermented or cured product like other cheeses. Further, it does not use rennet, making it suitable for vegetarians.

Paneer has a fairly mild, milky flavour, so it’s best when paired with strong, spicy flavours, Spices are sometimes added to the cheese to lift its taste. Ajwain or toasted cumin seeds are common.

It is commonly available in supermarkets but you get much better and fresher paneer from good Indian grocers.

Note that most store-bought paneer will be quite dense. If you want a crumby texture you should make it yourself. It is simple to make and not time-consuming. A link to our recipe is below.

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