Kashmiri chillies

Common name: kashmiri mirch

Binomen: Capsicum annum

The kashmiri chilli is mildly hot, has a distinct flavor, and it adds a bright red color to food.

True Kashmiri chillies are in high demand and since there is a short supply in India, substitutes are often used. You can identify dry Kashmiri chillies by their medium size, cone shape, wrinkles, and deep dark red color. Check the packaging to ensure you don’t get Byagi chillies, or degi mirch.

Most of the recipes in this book use these chillies in their dried or powdered form. Instead of normal dried red chillies, use these to give a chilli lift and vibrant red colour.

Dried kashmiri chillies are available from good indian grocers or spice merchants.


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