a bowl of fig, almond and lettuce salad

almond, lettuce and fig salad

A salad featuring the amazing taste of figs, some subtle spice from the chaat masala, and the flavour of almonds. An amazing, yet simple salad, anjeer ki salat, could become one of your favourites, just as it was for my grandmother.

A jar of apple, peach and apricot chutney

apple, peach and apricot chutney

Our family apple, peach and apricot chutney, or seb aroo aur kabani chutni. Sweet and spicy, it is an ideal accompaniment to almost every Indian dish.

a bowl of south indian mixed vegetables with coconut


Avial is a delicious dish of mixed vegetables, yoghurt, coconut and seasoned with mustard oil and curry leaves.

three barbecued lamb cutlets on a bed of kachumber

barbecued lamb cutlets

Lamb cutlets marinated in three separate spice blends, then barbecued. A Lucknow street vendor dish, burra kebabs are an ideal summer dish.

a mound of beans with coconut

beans with coconut

Fansi poriyal is a simple South Indian stir-fried green bean dish, generally prepared to accompany an everyday meal.

a serving plate of beef bhuna

beef bhuna

bhuna gorur mangsho is a dish that is rich and intense in character from the caramelisation of the onions and the frying of the spices. The meat cooks in its own juices, giving the dish a deep flavour. 

a cooking dish of beef shatkora

beef shatkora

This beef curry features an unusual citrus fruit, shatkora, to provide a contrast to the richly spiced meat. It is a Bengali dish, from the Sylhet region of Bangladesh .

a bowl of beef with tamarind and ginger curry

beef with tamarind and ginger

Our favourite beef curry. It is a thick, rich and hot dish, with the sourness of the tamarind offset by the sweetness of the ginger.

a serving bowl of beetroot raita

beetroot raita

A south Indian raita, or pachadi. This is a vibrantly coloured dish, with fresh crunchy beetroot, cooling yoghurt and a hint of spice.

a serving bowl with Bengali dal

Bengali dal

The Bengali version of tarka dal. Peyaj dal has a slightly sweet taste because of the way the onions are caramelised in jaggery and balances the bite of the chilli.

serving dish of mango chutney

Bengali mango chutney

This Bengali mango chutney, am ki chutni, is a tangy, and slightly spicy chutney which goes well with any rice or lentil dish.