A serving bowl of paneer and peas

paneer and peas

Paneer and peas, or matar paneer is a popular dish from the Punjab. It highlights the paneer, has a spicy tomato sauce and bursts of flavour from the just-cooked peas.

a serving plate of nargisi kofta curry

nargisi kofta curry

An Awadhi dish, featuring boiled eggs covered in spiced lamb and served in a spicy yoghurt and tomato sauce.

corn meal roti

corn meal roti

The famous Punjabi maize flour bread, or makki di roti. These roti are made from an unleavened dough made from corn meal and cooked on a griddle.

a bowl of spinach saag


This is a common Punjabi dish, typically served in winter. This palak ka saag is a lightly spiced puree of spinach.

a serving bowl of dry potato and pea

potato and pea

This sukha aloo matar is a dry vegetable curry, featuring potatoes and fresh peas This is a simple and popular family dish from New Delhi.

a serving dish of roasted cauliflower florets

roasted cauliflower

This recipe for phulkopir roast is a Bengali family recipe and on high rotation in my Grandmother’s cuisine. It is of those simple vegetarian dishes that features the main ingredient.

a serving bowl of mushroom dopiaza

mushroom dopiaza

This dish, khumb dopiaza features mushrooms, quickly cooked, in a masala with tomatoes and a lot of onion. Despite having a Mughlai heritage it is actually a very simple dish.

a baking tray of Indian pav, or bread rolls

dinner rolls

These bread rolls, pão, come from the Portuguese influence on Indian cuisine. They are very similar to Western bread rolls, but have a subtle Indian twist.

a bowl of tomato shorba

tomato soup

Warm up a winter evening with a bowl of freshly made tamatar ka shorba, a spicy and flavoursome tomato soup from the Mughal cuisine.

two glasses of cardamom coffee

cardamom coffee

Sweet, brutally strong, milky and a spicy undertone, kaapi is not like anything you can get from Starbucks or the like.