Anjum Anand

Smart and articulate, Anjum Anand’s approach to modern Indian cuisine has shaped many of the recipes in this book.

Her approach in reducing recipes to their basics, and making them suitable for contemporary consumption has been most influential.

She ran a television program where she would prepare an Indian meal, presenting it as an alternative to going to the local curry house. The consumers were various clubs, groups, couples and in one memorable episode, firemen. What intrigued me was that many of the dishes she offered were things I knew from my grandmother’s books.

What was different was the more modern touch and simplicity. That doesn’t necessarily mean things were left out, but what it meant was a much more focussed recipe, concentrating on the things that mattered.

Anand was also an influence in making these recipes healthier. Most of the cuisine is very healthy, but there are notable exceptions. Her approach to mitigating these exceptions has been invaluable.

Her website is great. Take some time to take a look.

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